The Impact

The innovation in Khadi will bring a new wave of change in India. With the “Khadi Spirit”, BHKGS aims at creating impact at household, society and macroeconomic levels.

On Household Level

1. Increased income in the hands of the women
2. Strengthening women's place in family
3. Improvement in lifestyle
4. This program will promote sanitation and education (especially girl child education).

Society Level

1. Skilled women force
2. Improved sex ratio
3. Strengthening local-level economy
4. Improved financial well-being and banking

Macroeconomic Level

1. Spur in the demand of cotton will revive cotton agriculture by supporting higher MSP
2. Decentralization of production
3. Favorable effect on industrial production due to increased demand of Solar Charkha and Solar Loom
4. Promotion of renewable energy i.e. solar energy


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